Get on board with the
green transport revolution...

Ride your way
All day

Discover a world first...

Electric Motorcycle

Findtrue freedom...

Fits any
Personal Mobility Scooter

Save more than just
time and money...

Create a
Better World

Zero Carbon
Zero Carbon

Charge from the sun, nothing but the sun

Convenience & Comfort
Convenience & Comfort

Ride in the shade, ride all day

Save Money
Save Money

Eliminate power bills + lost revenue

Plug and play, ride all day!

Designed to work with all common electric motorcycle battery voltages. Able to be attached to any bike with wing mirrors. Motosola is a turnkey product with a feature set that keeps on delivering.

  • Multiple voltages
    Multiple voltages

    Motosola offers options for all the major electric motorcycle battery voltages: 24V, 30V, 36V, 48V, 60V + 72V

  • Universal Attachment
    Universal Attachment

    Ships complete with clamps and screws for attaching to mirror thread of your motorcycle's steering column

  • Lightweight & Strong
    Lightweight & Strong

    Combining high quality materials in a multilayered design, we have created a robust and flexible solar awning that adds less than 5kg to your ride

  • Tilting Panel
    Tilting Panel

    Tilt your panel within a range of more than 45 degrees when parked to optimize your charging efficiency

Technical Specifications

125W Solar Awning for Motorcycles & Mopeds

Dimensions & Weight

678 x 994 x 2 mm
3.5 kg

Solar Panels

Output: 125 W (20 x 6.25W)
Efficient mono-crystalline cells

Battery Voltage

24V/48V, 30V/60V, 36V/72V
Junction box toggle switch


Tilting Mechanism

Range: 0° (flat) to >45° (while parked only)


Clamps and screws for attachment


24 months manufacturer's warranty

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